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About Me

profile imgSieglinde is an attorney with over 29 years of experience in the family law field now engaged in mediation.  She knows the effect that contentious and protracted litigation, both physically and mentally, can have on you. Your situation is special to you and requires its own unique resolution, something that cannot always be achieved in Court.  Her role as a mediator is to help you get through the process in a non-adversarial, mutually cooperative and comfortable setting.  She will identify the issues your situation presents and work through them one by one with you to achieve a compromise both you and your spouse or partner can live with. She is child focused in mediations involving parenting issues and believes these issues should be addressed before there can be any resolution on the financial issues. Sieglinde will keep you focused on the issues as opposed to airing grievances and try to make each session productive and moving toward an agreement.

A graduate of both the University of Maryland, B.A., 1986 and University of Maryland School of Law, J.D. 1989, Sieglinde has received the mediation training required by Maryland court rule as well as other comprehensive mediation training and looks forward to mediating your case.  

Raised in Calvert County, Sieglinde now lives in Anne Arundel County and is the parent of four children, ages 15 to 25 and has been through the divorce process herself understanding the challenges it brings to a family.



"Sieglinde’s strengths as a mediator are not only her knowledge of the laws and her negotiation skills, but also her ability to empathize with her clients. She’s compassionate yet professional and understands how difficult mediation can be. She will work with you, present options, and create agreements that will work for everyone. I highly recommend her mediation services."
"I have known Sieglinde for twenty-five (25) years. I have worked with her mediating divorce and custody cases to settlement. I have also had her as an adversary in these same types of cases. Regardless of the “hat” she is wearing, Sieglinde has proven to me, her colleagues in the legal community and all of the judges before who she has appeared that she is exceedingly bright, compassionate when required and, conversely, a sharp, quick-witted and energetic advocate if the circumstances call for that approach. I have referred many friends and clients where a conflict may exist to Sieglinde and they have always obtained excellent results with her as their counsel. She is at the very top of my list, should I ever require legal representation. She is equally adept in the courtroom as she is in the conference room."