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In mediation, we help you reach a fair settlement that both of you can accept. Good divorces are possible, even when spouses begin the process in conflict about many issues. Mediation will guide you through negotiations on parenting, spousal support, child support and property division, in a neutral and nonjudgmental way to reach a resolution you can live with. In addition to being less costly and time consuming, mediation allows you to control the outcome of your divorce. The outcome is traumatic enough for children, but they can heal faster knowing that their parents are working together to make decisions concerning them. You and your spouse know your children and your situation better than anyone else. Mediation allows you to make the best decisions for your family based on that knowledge and move forward without an expensive court battle.

  • You control the decision making and not the court.
  • You control the timetable and the pace and what issues are important.
  • The cost is normally a fraction of the cost of litigation.
  • Court is public, mediation is confidential.
  • Mediation is less stressful than having to appear in Court and battle it out.
  • Mediation is normally much faster than the Court process.
  • You can craft resolutions which suit the particular needs of your family unit as opposed to having to fit into a cookie cutter solution.
  • You pay as you go along rather than having to come up with a large retainer at the beginning of litigation.
  • You are present for each aspect of the resolution of your divorce case; no decisions can be made unless you agree.



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